Units at the Knightsbridge Residences are designed and built to accommodate your modern lifestyle. They are canvases upon which to paint a home that is warm, edgy, and to your exact, Brit-flavored liking!


A bare canvas, ready for you to imbue with your own personality. With a standard unit, you can create the home of your dreams by choosing exactly how it will look, according to your unique taste.

Fully-fitted, Fully-furnished

This unit comes furnished and outfitted with modern living essentials that include, but are not limited to, a refrigerator, microwave oven, dining room table and chairs, bed, bathroom accessories, an entertainment system, and more. Contact us for complete information.

Design Inspirations

We have 4 stylish design inspirations to help you visualize your unit in different ways. Use these to jumpstart your imagination and style your unit according to your groove and lifestyle.