The concept for the Knightsbridge Residences was inspired by the finest address in all of England – Knightsbridge, London.

Knightsbridge is home to several international celebrities and key figures, both from the UK and the rest of the world. They include famed Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, the celebrated TV chef Nigella Lawson, actors Hugh Grant and Sean Connery, and many other notable names from the worlds of art, fashion, and culture.

Knightsbridge is also known for its upscale shopping district which includes the department stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols. A number of other high-end shops and premium banks (including Coutts, bankers to the Queen of England) are located in Knightsbridge.

Its celebrated residents, ultra-expensive property rates and deluxe shopping district make Knightsbridge a premier international residential address. Drawing inspiration from this illustrious neighborhood we set out to build a condominium that echoed the classy, fun and thoroughly British nature of Knightsbridge.


The Knightsbridge logo is a crown, the seminal symbol of royalty. The color palette was inspired by Wimbledon, undoubtedly one of the most revered British sporting events in the world. The tartan pattern is symbolic of Scottish clans and evokes the idea of family and togetherness.

The logo encapsulates the chief end of the Knightsbridge development and that is to make homeowners feel happy and completely satisfied with their investment. The crown is a regal, superior symbol, fitting for those who have saved up, invested, and now reap the rewards of this magnificent project.


Curvilinear Design

Embracing its roots in Cool Britannia, the Knightsbridge Residences rises into the sky whilst conforming to a unique, curvilinear design making it stand in alluring contrast to the rest of the city.

The Knightsbridge Lanterns

With several floors combining to form “The Lanterns” – huge luminescent lights on the sides of the building – Knightsbridge will cast an ethereal glow on Century City, sending her radiance far across the Makati skyline and into the neighborhoods beyond.

The Lanterns themselves are ingeniously lit by a discreet lighting system. The windows are covered in a special pattern that, up close, does not hinder the view from the inside out. From afar they glow serenely, softly reflecting the light beamed onto their surface.

This provides residents of the lantern units a truly stunning view of the cityscape while onlookers below are treated to a soft luminous and iconic lighting experience emanating from the tower at night.

The Knightsbridge Crown

Inspired by the pomp and splendor of the kings and queens of the English monarchy is the Knightsbridge Crown. The very pinnacle of the skyscraper will be illuminated by an intricate pattern of horizontal and vertical light bands that radiate off the rooftop columns creating a regal sparkle that sets it apart from the rest of the Makati skyline; a truly iconic visual statement for an address that evokes British luxe and royalty.